On June 4, 2024, a reform was published in Mexico’s Official Gazette by which a third paragraph was added to articles 314 and 1144 of the National Code of Civil and Family Procedures.
The reform, which came into effect on June 5. 2024, marks a significant milestone for Mexicans born abroad and those seeking to return to Mexico with the assurance that their children will be recognized as Mexican citizens from birth.
This reform eliminates the requirement to consular legalize or apostille birth documents issued abroad. This would greatly simplify the civil registration process for these individuals.
Indeed, consular legalization or apostille will no longer be required for documents certifying the nationality and identity of Mexicans born abroad or returning migrants with Mexican nationality.
Now, presenting the foreign birth certificate along with the birth certificate of one Mexican parent will suffice to prove identity and Mexican nationality before the civil registries of the country. This measure not only streamlines the bureaucratic process but also facilitates the return and family reunification of Mexican migrants and their descendants.

To read the official publication in Mexico’s Official Gazette (in Spanish) please click below:


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