The attorneys of the firm provide advice to our clients with the quickness that the business transactions demand, without neglecting the legal rigor necessary for the due protection of our clients’ interests.




The lawyers of the Corporate, Mergers and Acquisition practice area have the legal knowledge and experience to provide high quality services, which include:

  • Advice on the incorporation, merger, spin-off, conversion, dissolution, and liquidation of entities.
  • Grant and revocation of powers of attorney.
  • Planning and conducting shareholders and partners’ meetings as well as meetings of the board of directors.
  • Drafting and formalizing meeting minutes, where various resolutions are adopted, including: the increase and reduction of capital stock, dividend distribution, amendment of the by-laws, change in the board of directors and/or statutory auditors, corporate restructurings, and so on.
  • Advice on various company law matters, including: liability matters of directors and statutory auditors, minority rights of shareholders and partners, the defense of the validity of resolutions of shareholders and partners meetings, or, challenging them, and so on.
  • Drafting and keeping corporate records of entities, including corporate books, stock share certificates, and so on.
  • Drafting, review, negotiation, formalization and implementation of business contracts and deals, including: loan agreements, purchase and sale contracts, security agreements, sharing agreements, collaboration agreements, joint venture agreements, leases, trust agreements, service agreements, and so on.
  • Advice on conducting due diligence processes to acquire entities.



The team of lawyers of the Regulatory and Compliance practice work together with other members of the firm, to give advice on the following matters:


  • Setting up, operation and/or expansion of enterprises in Mexico, including obtaining and renewing permits and licenses necessary for such purposes.
  • Compliance with foreign investment obligations, including proceeding and filing reports with the National Foreign Investment Registry.
  • Compliance with several obligations established in the Anti-Money Laundering legal framework.
  • Compliance with the privacy legal framework and personal data protection act in Mexico. Preparing and implementing schemes, plans and strategies to comply with such obligations.
  • Obligations for enterprises concerning e-commerce.
  • Regulatory framework concerning consumer protection rights.
  • Regulatory framework on energy and electricity.
  • Regulatory framework on the industry of livestock and pet food.


A distinctive feature of the firm is its preventive approach towards our clients’ inquiries, either when rendering legal opinions on a given matter, or when supporting our clients in negotiating the contracts that document their transactions.

It is at this moment when our attorneys work as a team to design strategies that provide the following benefits to our clients:

  • To discourage behaviors aiming at breaching contracts or previous negotiations, by designing sections that foresee their consequences.
  • If a dispute is inevitable, our clients have will have the necessary elements to significantly increase their chances to succeed in a potential trial.

If the dispute arises, our lawyers are prepared to provide our clients with the advice and representation necessary aiming at defending their interests properly.


CEG Legal has professionals with vast experience who are qualified to provide services in the following industries:


Our team of lawyers provide advice on various issues of the industry, such as:


  • Aircraft leasing and financing.
  • Contracts and agreements.
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Regulatory matters that include obtaining and renewing licenses, concessions, permits and certifications.
  • Defense of airlines before claims of (i) passengers derived from flight cancellations or delays, (ii) allegation of partial or total breach of contracts and/or agreements, and so on.
  • Antitrust and competition matters.
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy.
  • Application of international treaties and conventions on international air transport.
  • Insurance.


The attorneys of the firm have successfully advised clients over the years in this sector. The types of deals on which our lawyers regularly provide advice are listed as follows:

  • Advising clients on the drafting, negotiation, and review of letters of intention, memorandums of understanding, as well as contracts such as purchase and sale, construction and lease of industrial plants or real estate properties.
  • Contracts and procedures necessary for the operation, as well as the expansion of industrial plants.
  • Research of the legal status of real estate properties before public agencies.
  • Obtaining permits, licenses, and authorizations to develop and implement real estate projects.
  • Advice foreigners on the legal means to acquire rights on real estate properties in restricted areas (borders and beaches).



Our lawyers have successfully advised clients on various transactions of the industry, such as:


  • Commercial contracts, which include of supply, development, distribution, logistics, services, and so on.
  • Collaboration agreements with federal and local public agencies for project development.
  • Joint venture agreements for developing and implementing projects.
  • Regulatory matters.
  • Credit and security agreements.
  • Connectivity and data protection.
  • Antitrust matters.
  • Non-disclosure agreements.

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