The president of the Chamber of Deputies highlighted the urgent need to increase investment in Mexico’s electrical infrastructure. Currently, annual electricity demand is growing at 3.5%, particularly in transmission lines and distribution networks, with a crucial focus on clean and renewable energies. This initiative aims to strategically position Mexico to capitalize on industrial relocation trends, known as nearshoring, ensuring a robust electricity supply and bolstering public safety and water access.
The geopolitical importance of streamlining customs procedures and maximizing port efficiency was emphasized, noting that many of Mexico’s 117 coastal ports are not commercially operational. Long-term goals include expanding the 5G network and formulating public and industrial policies.
Regarding energy, figures from the Ministry of Energy were cited, indicating ongoing authorization processes for 9,000 megawatts in the public sector, with additional private initiatives underway that could increase supply by 10%.
Coordinated investments and economies of scale were underscored as essential to meeting social objectives.
In summary, it was stressed that there is a critical need to align industrial attraction with systematic investments for sustainable growth in Mexico, responding to the country’s industrial resurgence.

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